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2010 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Saturday, not Sunday, is the true day of rest

12/31/10  -  Belfast Telegraph

Sabbath debated on FOX with Huckabee

12/15/10  -  YouTube

Sunday Sales ... God smote opposition leader, minister suggests

12/13/10  -  YouTube

Saginaw businesses prepare for Sunday morning liquor sales

12/12/10  -

Basketball and the Sabbath

11/08/10  -  New York Daily News

10 Reasons Why the Sabbath is not Jewish

10/25/10  -  White Horse Media

Colville Mayor Sues Walmart For Making Him Work On Sundays

10/08/10  -

Punta Gorda is likely to follow 'blue law' repeal

10/06/10  -

How do we know from the Bible which day of the week is the Sabbath?

09/29/10  -  SabbathTruth

Religious toy shop owner refuses to open on Sunday

09/29/10  -  BBC

Repealing Blue Laws: States And Cities Look To Booze Sales For Added Revenue

09/28/10  -  CNBC

Construction firm settles religious discrimination case

09/24/10  -

Which day of the week is the Sabbath?

09/07/10  -

Sunday Shopping Linked With Less Happiness

09/03/10  -  The New York Times

Stornoway Golf Club in Sunday alcohol ban challenge

08/23/10  -  BBC News

Baker County commission candidates grapple with ending Sunday alcohol sale ban

08/15/10  -  The Florida Times Union

History's Greatest Hoax

08/09/10  -

Sunday should be a 'day of rest', Church commission

08/07/10  -  The Times of Malta

Blue laws put businesses in the red

08/06/10  -  Shore News Today

Two sides continue to clash over Sunday sales

08/02/10  -  The Greenville News

Are We Too Busy to Mark the Sabbath?

07/30/10  -  The Wall Street Journal

Drinkers feeling the pinch of 'blue laws'

07/21/10  -  Tahlequan Daily Press

The Sabbath: Making Something New

07/17/10  -  The Huffington Post

Businesses ponder Blue Laws in the Meadowlands

07/01/10  -

Keeping Sundays blue in Bergen County

06/16/10  -

No Shopping on Sundays

06/14/10  -

The Seventh Day Part 2

06/14/10  -

Stile: McNerney clings to blue-law issue

06/10/10  -

When God Said Remember

06/09/10  -

Sunday shopping returns to P.E.I.

05/22/10  -  The Guardian

Student won't play on Sabbath, Franklin doubles team out of tournament

05/19/10  -  Dayton Daily News

Franklin tennis player disqualified for refusing match on Sabbath

05/18/10  -  Dayton Daily News

Why God Wants You to Rest

05/17/10  -  BeliefNet

Stornoway Golf Club in 'Sabbath' drinks bid

05/17/10  -  BBC

Shoppers embrace Sunday shopping

05/17/10  -  The Chronicle

The meaning of the Sabbath

05/02/10  -  Los Angeles Times

Health chiefs attack Sunday closure of leisure centres

05/02/10  -  STV News

Will Montgomery finally drop its blue law?

04/27/10  -  The Washington Post

The Seventh Day Part 1

04/21/10  -  LLT Productions

Blue laws also have religious purpose

04/15/10  -

The Search for the Missing "Sunday" Text

04/14/10  -

"Keep Sunday Special" UK Initiative

04/12/10  -

Gov. Chris Christie's bid to end Sunday shopping ban draws opposition

04/12/10  -

THE REV. BOB NAYLOR: Time to bring back the day of rest

04/09/10  -

No Sabbath rest for job weary?

04/02/10  -  The Washington Post

Getting rid of blue laws not the answer

04/01/10  -

Business owners say they like their Sundays off

04/01/10  -

Bergen County, N.J., may lift Sunday 'blue laws'

03/27/10  -  Daily Freeman

Let's talk about EU, A work free Sunday

03/25/10  -  YouTube

Guarantee that Sundays will be work-free, EU leaders urged

03/24/10  -  The Sofia Echo

Archaic or quaint? NJ county blue law in jeopardy

03/23/10  -  Business Week

Gov. Chris Christie says Xanadu would be open on Sundays despite blue laws

03/20/10  -

Rep. King (R) slams Sabbath vote

03/18/10  -  The Hill

And on the Sabbath, the iPhones Shall Rest

03/17/10  -  The New York Times

Rediscover the Sabbath on 'National Day of Unplugging'

03/16/10  -  USA Today

Proposal To Allow Sale Of Alcohol In Stores On Sundays Dies In Committee

03/12/10  -  Hartford Courant

Initiative for a work free Sunday underway in Europe

03/11/10  -  The European Citizens' Initiative

Sunday Alcohol Sales Up for Debate

03/08/10  -  NBC Connecticut

Big Y Joins Campaign to End Blue Laws

03/05/10  -  Supermarket News

Keep Sunday Special Founder on BBC, Pt. 2

03/04/10  -  YouTube

Keep Sunday Special Founder on BBC, Pt. 1

03/04/10  -  YouTube

National Day of UNPLUGGING from Sabbath Manifesto: March 20

03/02/10  -  YouTube

House panel to discuss Sunday alcohol sales, again

02/22/10  -

Blue laws have had their day

02/22/10  -  Fosters

Why Are All Wisconsin Car Dealers Closed Sundays?

02/16/10  -  WISC Madison Channel 3000

Recession Kill Sunday Blue Laws?

01/22/10  -  Fox Business

Camden City Council looks at changing blue laws

01/01/10  -  WIS 10