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2015 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

In Puerto Rico, Hundreds March for Seventh-day Sabbath Awareness

11/16/15  -  Adventist News Network

If you have the right to work, you have the right to rest, Pope says

11/07/15  -  Catholic News Agency

Prime Minister backs calls for more Sunday shopping

10/21/15  -  The Christian Institute

Adventists Under Fire for Sabbath as Religious Freedom Shrinks Worldwide

10/19/15  -  Adventist Review

New Bill to Make Sunday a Day Off in Israel

09/09/15  -  Arutz Sheva

Italian bishop urges CEO: respect Sunday rest

08/20/15  -

Wyckoff police investigating Sunday sales at appliance store

08/13/15  -

Marlboro County Council reconsiders Sunday “work prohibition” blue law

07/21/15  -  WBTW News 13

Top Court Rules Adventist Policeman Can Observe Sabbath in Costa Rica

06/26/15  -  Adventist Review

Keep Sabbath holy so God will bless us again

06/03/15  -  The Daily Journal

Let’s bring back blue laws to increase church attendance

06/02/15  -  Baptist News Global

Easter Island Parliament Member Promotes Sabbath Observance

06/01/15  -  Adventist News Network

Brazilian Designer Skips Sabbath Awards

05/28/15  -  Adventist Review

You need & deserve a secular sabbath

05/23/15  -  New York Daily News

Why Doesn’t San Francisco Enforce Double Parking on Sundays?

05/05/15  -  KQED News

Gov. Dayton just signed the bill allowing Sunday growler sales. Now what?

05/05/15  -  MinnPost

The battle over Sunday sales

05/03/15  -  Automotive News

'Sabbath Rest' sessions held at Southeastern

04/07/15  -  Baptist Press

The business of Sunday

04/05/15  -  The Sanford Herald

Chile enacts law to ensure Sunday rest for Commerce Workers (translated)

03/31/15  -

Auto industry pumps brakes on Sunday car sales

03/30/15  -  Chicago Tribune

Christian protesters warn Northern Ireland fans of Sunday football 'shame'

03/30/15  -  Belfast Telegraph

Don’t play football on a Saturday — it is the Sabbath

03/30/15  -

Arizona lawmaker wants church attendance to be mandatory

03/27/15  -  New York Daily News

Arizona senator: Make all Americans go to church

03/26/15  -

Ministry publishes 2011 survey on Sunday closures

03/23/15  -  Budapest Business Journal

Brazilian Business Owner Refuses to Pump Gas on Sabbath

03/16/15  -  Adventist Review

How to Keep the Sabbath

03/12/15  -  Amazing Facts

Hungary to ban shopping on most Sundays

03/09/15  -  Sky News

Evangelical Author Tells Christians: Stop Ignoring the Sabbath

02/24/15  -  Christian Daily

County seeks to suspend state Sunday work prohibitions

02/16/15  -

Berkeley County pushing to remove Blue Laws

02/09/15  -

America’s Last Ban on Sunday Shopping

02/07/15  -  The New Yorker

Dr. Matthew Sleeth advocates for 'A Day of Rest' at CU's chapel service

01/30/15  -

Sunday holidays (translated)

01/26/15  -

Hungary: Sunday closing for shops

01/26/15  -

Appeal Polish churches on Sunday (translated)

01/20/15  -  Polska Rada Ekumeniczna

Blue laws kept stores closed to comply with 'Sabbath' day

01/20/15  -  Ellwood City Ledger

In a week the signing of the letter of the Churches of ecumenical celebration Sunday (translated)

01/13/15  -

Church revolt over bid to end free Sunday parking

01/10/15  -  Edinburgh Evening News

What Does God Say About the Sabbath?

01/08/15  -  Youtube