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2013 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Religious obligations protected at work
11/14/13  -  San Francisco Examiner
Amazon strikes deal with USPS to deliver packages on Sundays
11/10/13  -  LA Times
The Seventh Day - The History of the Sabbath Pt. 1
09/27/13  -
Push to repeal Sunday Blue Laws
09/12/13  -
Tel Aviv eyeing way to let businesses open on Sabbath
09/04/13  -  JTA
Was the Sabbath changed to Sunday?
08/22/13  -  YouTube
Saudi Arabia will observe 'weekend' on Friday-Saturday, not Islamic sabbath
06/25/13  -  Catholic Culture
Baptist Pastor learns the truth about the Sabbath
06/24/13  -  YouTube
Herald Poll: No splashing on Sundays?
06/11/13  -  Daily Herald
EEOC sues T-Mobile, claims Sabbath discrimination
06/07/13  -  Atlanta Business Chronicle
Remember the Sabbath
06/03/13  -  News 24
Judge orders public schools to make exemption for Sabbath Observers
05/27/13  -  Standard Digital
Pope Francis Speaks On Sunday Observance
04/26/13  -  The New York Times
Keeping the Sabbath
04/05/13  -  PBS
Could North Carolina actually declare a state religion?
04/03/13  -  The Week
Which Day of the Week is the Sabbath?
03/20/13  -  YouTube
Car dealers not ready to let blue law go
03/03/13  -  Houston Chronicle
Do You Need A 'Tech Sabbath'?
03/01/13  -  AOL
02/21/13  -  European Sunday Alliance
Hillary Clinton: 'Going on the Sunday Shows Is Not My Favorite Thing to Do'
01/23/13  -  Fox News Insider