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2021 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

We Need Sabbath. In the U.S., We Don’t Trust Each Other Enough to Take It

12/10/21  -  Sojourners

"You must not work on Sunday", affirms the Blessed Virgin

12/10/21  -  Famille Chrétienne

The UAE is moving its weekend to Saturday and Sunday

12/07/21  -  Quartz

Sunday trading is a matter of trade-offs: opinion

12/06/21  -  The North West Star

NCAA Adjusts Soccer National Championship For BYU’s No Sunday Rule

12/03/21  -  KSL Sports

Sterling votes to keep blue laws that ban alcohol sales on Sundays

11/03/21  -  Yahoo News

Life Notes: We need to rest

10/23/21  -  The Sentinel

Why is the Sabbath Important?

09/21/21  -  Adventist News Network

Rejoice, All You Sinners: You Can Buy Beer at 10 a.m. This Sunday

09/03/21  -  Dallas Observer

Missouri to lift its limits on Sunday booze sales

08/21/21  -  The Columbia Missourian

Covid-19: No lockdown on Saturdays in Uttar Pradesh, Sunday restrictions to continue

08/11/21  -  The Times of India

Priority of Sunday: Keeping the Sabbath, lifting up the priest

08/09/21  -  Catholic Philly

The Quest for Rest: Sabbath as Resistance

08/04/21  -  Patheos

More work on Sundays makes senators ‘cranky’

08/04/21  -  Roll Call

Time to recover the sabbath, says new report

08/02/21  -  Christian Today

Sunday Shopping: Hardware Stores Want Discussion

07/24/21  -  Your Decommissioning News

Letter to the editor: The nation desperately needs some rest

07/24/21  -  Press Herald

Two Orthodox Jewish pitching prospects juggle baseball, religion

07/19/21  -  Washington Times

100 people booked for violation

07/12/21  -  The Pioneer

Amid piling losses, wholesale dealers rue Sunday lockdown in Ludhiana

06/14/21  -  Hindustan Times

The right to disconnect could include rest on Sunday

06/01/21  -  Alpha & Omega

Deconfinement: FO refuses the trivialization of Sunday work

05/31/21  -  FO

Docs support Sunday restriction

05/21/21  -  Barbados Today

The Court declared that it is valid to prohibit supermarkets from opening on Sundays

05/20/21  -  La Nacion

Legislating morality? Restoring the Sabbath? How Sohrab Ahmari wants to mend our broken thread of tradition

05/20/21  -  Deseret News

An Activist Makes a Case for Rest

05/12/21  -  Publishers Weekly

In Geneva, a new referendum against the Sunday opening of shops

05/11/21  -  Le Temps

Meat shops to be closed every Sunday in Kakinada

05/08/21  -  The Hans India

What We’ve Lost in Rejecting the Sabbath

05/07/21  -  The Wall Street Journal

A year without shopping on Sundays has proven its worth

05/06/21  -  Südtirol News

Naming Sunday – a day of rest

05/01/21  -  Nunatsiaq News

Verdi wants Sunday rest in stores even after lockdown

04/29/21  -  OnVista

Americans struggle with 'the Sabbath', but one St. Paul family is on a mission to help others rediscover its power

04/28/21  -  The Catholic Spirit

Eleven booked for violating Sunday lockdown norms

04/27/21  -  The Tribune

Connie's adds a day of rest to menu

04/27/21  -  Finger Lake Times

Pleading for open shops on Sundays

04/27/21  -  Potsdamer

Piggly Wiggly location in Carthage to begin closing on Sundays in hopes ‘for a great revival’

04/26/21  -  WLBT

All kinds of business establishments to remain closed on Sundays in Jammu city: Jammu chamber

04/20/21  -  Rising Kashmir

Complete Sunday lockdown in Uttar Pradesh

04/19/21  -  The Sentinel

I have time for you on Sunday

04/14/21  -  Attendorner Geschichten

Mayors demand a "lockdown" on Sundays

04/14/21  -  Primera Hora

Statement: shops open on Sundays and public holidays

04/10/21  -  De Puttenaer

Madhya Pradesh: Sunday lockdown & night curfew in urban areas

04/08/21  -  The Times of India

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Workplace Religious Accommodation Cases

04/06/21  -  ReligiousLiberty.TV

DUE TO RISING COVID-19 CASES; Calinog extends Sunday lockdown

04/06/21  -  Panay News

City wears deserted look as Sunday lockdown brings respite

04/05/21  -  The Hitavada

People support Sunday lockdown, roads remain mostly deserted

04/05/21  -  The Hitavada

When Blue Laws Applied at the Ballpark

04/01/21  -  Wall Street Journal

Church will likely look different in post-pandemic era

03/27/21  -  Mint

"Senators Argue the Sabbath at the Capitol" with Doug Batchelor

03/26/21  -  Youtube

GOP senator tells Schumer: The Sabbath is on Sunday

03/25/21  -  Times of Israel

Sen. Hyde-Smith draws attention after speaking against Sunday 'Sabbath' voting

03/25/21  -  WAPT

Mississippi GOP senator says it's wrong to vote on Sunday for religious reasons

03/24/21  -  The Hill

Sunday opening: advertising community seeks a conversation with Verdi

03/17/21  -  Neue Westfälische

Climate Sunday

03/16/21  -  Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

No compensation for the employee working illegally on Sundays, but a right to compensation for the damage suffered

03/15/21  -  Les Editions Francis Lefebvre

¿Sabes por qué se descansa los domingos? Te explicamos el origen de esta práctica

03/14/21  -  El Heraldo de México

Sundays were born 1,700 years ago (as we know them)

03/14/21  -  Web24 News

1700 years of error or how Saturday became Sunday in Christianity

03/07/21  -  Vecer

EU Bishops call for nations to protect work-free Sunday

03/04/21  -  Vatican News

Dispute flares up as Turkish tradespeople want malls closed on Sundays

02/28/21  -  Daily Sabah

Let’s keep Sunday sacred

02/27/21  -  News Day

Lahug officials order Sunday closure of establishments to prevent COVID-19 spread

02/14/21  -  CDN

Trump lawyer withdraws request not to have impeachment trial on Sabbath

02/08/21  -  CNN

Trump's top lawyer asks to delay the impeachment trial if it's not finished by the beginning of Sabbath

02/07/21  -  Business Insider

Top Scots medic says GPs doing Covid jabs 'don't all work on Sundays'

02/02/21  -  MSN News

Editorial: Good riddance to Sunday shopping restrictions

01/27/21  -  Thompson Citizen

Councillors win the day as extended Sunday trading hours request is rejected

01/26/21  -  Armagh

Bgy. Guadalupe in Cebu City to be under lockdown on Sundays due to COVID-19

01/24/21  -  GMA News Online

El Al’s ‘Sun D’Or’ Airlines Stops Operating on Sabbath

01/18/21  -  Jewish Press

Tampa officially repeals Blue Laws just in time for Super Bowl festivities

01/15/21  -  That's So Tampa

Sunday should be made “rest with family” day – Hannah Yeoh

01/12/21  -  Borneo Post Online

Va. Lawmakers Should Pass New Sunday Hunting Bill

01/08/21  -  Town Hall