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Are we still under the law?
This question is often asked in an effort to diminish the law of God in the life of the Christian. It is said, “Since w...  
Can the true seventh day be located?
Some teach that through various calendar changes and other factors, the true seventh day of the week cannot be accurately ide...  
Can’t we keep holy any day of the week?
Upon tables of stone God wrote the great, unchanging law of the ages. Every word was serious and meaningful. Not one line was...  
Couldn't we rest on the Sabbath but worship on Sunday?
The idea of separate rest and worship days has recently started to catch on in some circles. For instance, singer/songwriter ...  
Doesn’t Hebrews 4 mean Jesus is our Sabbath rest?
Hebrews 4 is indeed a very special passage to every Christian, but entering into the rest of Christ does not mean ignoring Go...  
Doesn't Colossians 2:14 wipe out the weekly Sabbath?
When some read in the New Testament about sabbath days that were shadows of the body of Christ and that passed away at the cr...  
Hasn't the calendar been changed?
Actually, we can be positive that our seventh day is the same day Jesus observed when He was here on Earth—the day He k...  
Is it possible to obey the law?
The vast majority of Christians have been taught that since the “law is spiritual” and we are carnal, no human wi...  
Isn't 1 Corinthians 16:1–3 proof that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday?
In this passage, the apostle was writing a special appeal to the churches in Asia Minor. At the time, many of the Christians ...  
Isn't obedience legalism?
Some teach that after the law has accomplished its purpose of pointing a sinner to Christ for forgiveness and cleansing, the ...  
Isn't there a new law of Christ?
Many question the continued validity of the Ten Commandments based on what Jesus says in John 13:34: “A new commandment...  
Shouldn't we keep Sunday in honor of the resurrection?
While many wonderful events in the Bible occurred on certain days of the week, there is no direct command from God to keep th...  
The Sabbath command speaks of rest but not worship. Is it necessary to go to church on that day?
If you're looking for a verse that specifically says, 'Go to church on Sabbath,' you won't find it. So ... why do we do it?  
Wasn't the Sabbath made only for the Jews?
This falsehood has gained such strength that multitudes of Christians refer to it as the 'Jewish Sabbath'. But nowhere do we ...  
Wasn't the Sabbath only a memorial of deliverance from Egypt?
The key to understanding this passage as it relates to Sabbath keeping rests in the words 'slave' and 'servant.'  
What day is the Sabbath day?
The creator of the Sabbath is the same creator of the Christian faith—Jesus Christ. He is the one who brought the world...  
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Isn't obedience legalism?
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