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Want to learn even more about the Sabbath? Discover these helpful resources about the Sabbath and what it means to your life today. (We close our shop doors in honor of Sabbath hours—so please check back during regular hours.)

5 Sabbath Facts Bookmark (25/Pack) by Amazing Facts
Spark an interest in the seventh-day Sabbath by sharing this beautifully designed, colorful bookmark from Amazing Facts! Encouraging, inspiring, and informing, it’s a great gift and conversation kick starter. Affordable, easy sharing. 25 per pack.

History's Greatest Hoax (Signs of the Times) by Pacific Press
This attractive, affordable, full-color magazine presents powerful biblical lessons in a direct and captivating way about the Lord's holy day and why people worship on Sunday instead of Saturday. By Pacific Press.

Sabbath Diagnosis by Gary Hullquist
Get an absolutely unique and in-depth look at the Sabbath through the clinical perspective of a doctor treating his patient. As a diagnostic history and physical examination of the biblical day of rest, it gives a comprehensive, well-researched picture of Sabbath history and why its so important to know and obey today. A fresh, disarming way to learn or teach others about the Sabbath. 496 pages. By Gary Hullquist.

Is Sunday Really Sacred? (PB) by Joe Crews
The vast majority of Christians have been taught to observe Sunday as God's holy day in honor of the fourth commandment—but is it right? This brief but thorough book examines Bible texts that refer to Sunday and whether those texts really make Sunday sacred. By Joe Crews.

The Rest of Your Life!(Spanish) Magazine by Amazing Facts
(SPANISH) Loaded with vivid, full-color graphics and fascinating facts, this one-of-a-kind magazine reveals the astonishing truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history from ancient times to the present! See how Sabbath-keeping can improve your life and even your health, and why it’s critical for you to know the future of God’s holy day! Wonderful sharing magazine! (48 pages)

52 Things to Do on Sabbath by Glen Robinson
Sit around all day on Sabbath? Take naps? Do nothing? This book offers practical suggestions for Sabbath activities to make the day a delight for both adults and children.

Rome's Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? by Catholic Mirror
This book explores Rome's challenge: Why do Protestants keep Sunday as their day of worship instead of Saturday? By Catholic Mirror.

A Day to Remember (Signs of the Times) by Pacific Press
This attractive, affordable, full-color magazine presents powerful biblical lessons in a direct and captivating way about the Sabbath and what it really means the keep the Sabbath holy. By Pacific Press.

Hidden Eyes And Closed Ears (PB) by Joe Crews
Is there a difference between obedience and legalism? This straightforward guide will help you avoid the spiritual delusions that will soon cause many to turn from God. An important resource for every Christian in these end-times! By Joe Crews.

The Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine by Peter Geiermann
It contains the beliefs that a new convert to the Catholic religion needs to know. It also documents how the forefathers of this religious system tried to change God's holy day from the 7th day to the 1st day of the week. Once seekers of the truth read this book, they cannot become members of a 1st-day-keeping church! Very informative. By Peter Geiermann.

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