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Want to learn even more about the Sabbath? Discover these helpful resources about the Sabbath and what it means to your life today. (We close our shop doors in honor of Sabbath hours—so please check back during regular hours.)

The Rest of Your Life! Magazine by Amazing Facts
Loaded with vivid, full-color graphics and fascinating facts, this one-of-a-kind magazine reveals the astonishing truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history from ancient times to the present! See how Sabbath-keeping can improve your life and even your health, and why it’s critical for you to know the future of God’s holy day! Wonderful sharing magazine! (48 pages)

Daniel and Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy
This chapter-by-chapter, easy-to-follow guide through the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation features stunning contemporary artwork and historical images and facts that reveal the true mysteries of prophecy in staggering detail and clarity. By Amazing Facts.

The Miracle of the Seventh-day Ox by Bradley Booth
Harassed, beaten, and dejected, Nickolai found hope in the unlikeliest source: an old ox named Maksim. With the help and strength of God, Nickolai and Maksim worked together to perform a weekly miraclewitnessing for Christ in the most disparaging of circumstances and winning souls along the way.

The Drummer Boy's Prayer (PB) by M.L. Rossvally
This moving true story tells of the journey that a Jewish physician in the Civil War took to get to know Jesus and how he withstood the social and family pressures to reject his newfound Messiah. By M.L. Rossvally.

Deathwatch in Siberia (PB) by W.S. Jesske
The gripping true story of how a Christian family exiled in Siberia was forced to prove from Scripture which day is the Sabbath. They had always believed that the Bible endorsed Sunday worship, but their frantic study proved otherwise! By W.S. Jesske.

Rome's Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? by Catholic Mirror
This book explores Rome's challenge: Why do Protestants keep Sunday as their day of worship instead of Saturday? By Catholic Mirror.

Why the Old Covenant Failed (PB) by Joe Crews
Many Christians have been led to believe that the passing of the Old Covenant means that the Ten Commandments are no longer an issue. But is this biblical? Joe Crews offers a powerful, biblical argument to support Sabbath observance by New Testament Christians. By Joe Crews.

Even at the Door:The USA & Rome in Prophecy by Doug Batchelor
In this biblically based presentation, Pastor Doug Batchelor opens up the book of Revelation and reveals the rise of two great powers in the last days, two “beasts” that will unite to work against God’s remnant people. Through the lens of history and current events, you’ll see exactly how and where the Bible predicts that the walls of separation between church and state will soon crumble.

Why God Said Remember (PB) by Joe Crews
This classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath will not only motivate you to follow God's Word—it will inform and delight you along the way. Learn why God chose to establish the Sabbath and whether or not it still matters for believers living today.

Millennium of Prophecy DVD Set by Doug Batchelor
Pastor Doug Batchelor's powerful end-time series will strengthen your faith and give you hope for the future. Follows the incredible Storacles of Prophecy lesson series (26 parts on 13 DVDs).

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