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Want to learn even more about the Sabbath? Discover these helpful resources about the Sabbath and what it means to your life today. (We close our shop doors in honor of Sabbath hours—so please check back during regular hours.)

Is Sunday Really Sacred? (PB) by Joe Crews
The vast majority of Christians have been taught to observe Sunday as God's holy day in honor of the fourth commandment—but is it right? This brief but thorough book examines Bible texts that refer to Sunday and whether those texts really make Sunday sacred. By Joe Crews.

Sabbath Diagnosis by Gary Hullquist
Get an absolutely unique and in-depth look at the Sabbath through the clinical perspective of a doctor treating his patient. As a diagnostic history and physical examination of the biblical day of rest, it gives a comprehensive, well-researched picture of Sabbath history and why its so important to know and obey today. A fresh, disarming way to learn or teach others about the Sabbath. 496 pages. By Gary Hullquist.

The Rest of Your Life!(Spanish) Magazine by Amazing Facts
(SPANISH) Loaded with vivid, full-color graphics and fascinating facts, this one-of-a-kind magazine reveals the astonishing truth about the seventh-day Sabbath, including its history from ancient times to the present! See how Sabbath-keeping can improve your life and even your health, and why it’s critical for you to know the future of God’s holy day! Wonderful sharing magazine! (48 pages)

How to Keep the Sabbath Holy by Doug Batchelor
Pastor Doug Batchelor invites you on an inspiring and practical Bible journey that will help you learn how to capture all the blessings God has packaged into the fourth commandment. Learn the time-tested biblical principles that will help you experience relief from everyday stress, healing for your whole body, and true rest in Christ for your soul.

52 Things to Do on Sabbath by Glen Robinson
Sit around all day on Sabbath? Take naps? Do nothing? This book offers practical suggestions for Sabbath activities to make the day a delight for both adults and children.

The Seventh Day (5 DVD Set) by Hal Holbrook
This set of 5 DVDs uncovers hidden truth about the future of the Sabbath. Blending history and current events chronicling the seventh-day Sabbath, this epic story, worldwide in scope, is the perfect opportunity to understand and share God's gift of Sabbath rest in a profoundly moving and in-depth way. Presented by Hal Holbrook.

The Marked Bible by Charles Taylor
The Marked Bible is a classic story of a young man who tries to run away but ends up coming right back home through the guidance of a Bible and his mother's prayers. By Charles Taylor.

The Beast: Who Will Worship It? (PB)
This startling pocket book reveals how Satan is preparing the people of Earth to fall for his last-day delusions and the mark of the beast. By Gary Gibbs.

God's Sabbath Truth: A Decision to Make by Aubrey Duncan
God's Sabbath Truth is a simple, systematic study of one of the most important, yet grossly misunderstood doctrines of the Bible. It is presented from the point of view of someone who has been transformed by God's grace and has found that God's grace not only pardons; but empowers to keep all of His commandments, including His Sabbath commandment. By Aubrey Duncan.

Daniel and Revelation: Secrets of Prophecy
This chapter-by-chapter, easy-to-follow guide through the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation features stunning contemporary artwork and historical images and facts that reveal the true mysteries of prophecy in staggering detail and clarity. By Amazing Facts.

FAQ - Couldn't we rest on the Sabbath but worship on Sunday?
Couldn't we rest on the Sabbath but worship on Sunday?
Document Library - Sabbath Document Library
Sabbath Document Library
Advanced Topics - When God Said Remember
When God Said Remember
Article Library - When Does It Start?
When Does It Start?
Arguments Refuted - Though the Jews were indeed entrusted with God’s memorial of Creation, the Sabbath was not made for the Jews alone...
Though the Jews were indeed entrusted with God’s memorial of Creation, the Sabbath was not made for the Jews alone...
The Sabbath Blog - 3 Reasons Why God Said Remember
3 Reasons Why God Said Remember
The Sabbath Blog - Sabbath or State Accommodation?
Sabbath or State Accommodation?

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