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Loving God and my neighbor is all I am required to do.
That we should love God supremely and love our neighbor as ourselves is certainly not in dispute. However, the question is, h...  
Christ, in fulfilling the moral law, abolished it.
Did Jesus, in fulfilling the moral law, actually abolish it?  
It's impossible to keep the Sabbath on a round earth.
Does it really matter that the earth is round when God's people observe the seventh-day Sabbath?  
We should keep the spirit of the law but not the letter.
If we are not obliged to do what the law literally requires, then may we also literally kill, steal, and commit adultery?  
Early Christians Kept Sunday In Honor Of The Resurrection
The evidence that the early church switched the Sabbath is, at best, circumstantial and, ultimately, unsubstantiated. See why...  
The Sabbath is Jewish, Sunday is Christian
Though the Jews were indeed entrusted with God’s memorial of Creation, the Sabbath was not made for the Jews alone...  
Sunday is the Sabbath since the disciples broke bread then
Does Acts 20:7 really offer proof that the apostles changed the Sabbath day to Sunday?  
Why don't more people keep the Sabbath if its so important?
If Saturday is the right sabbath, why do not more leading men believe it? If what you preach about the sabbath is true, why w...  
If you keep the Sabbath, shouldn't you be circumcised too?
If you keep the Sabbath, shouldn't you be circumcised too?  
What about the seventh year and the year of jubilee?
If you keep one Sabbath-the seventh day-why not keep all, the seventh year and the year of jubilee? Who authorized you to mak...  
Aren't sabbath breakers supposed to be stoned?
In Exodus 31:14 we read that Sabbath violators were to be stoned to death. Do you believe the same penalty should be enforced...  
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