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2023 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Keeping Sunday holy? The Supreme Court will help decide

05/23/23  -  Angelus

Separation of Church and Cubicle: Supreme Court Considers Increasing Burden on Employers

05/18/23  -  Lexology

Can You Be Forced to Work on Sundays? Supreme Court to Announce Decision Soon

05/18/23  -  National Catholic Register

Bowker Motor Group stops Sunday trading to improve staff work-life balance

05/15/23  -  Car Dealer Magazine

SC mom-and-pop stores put brakes on Sunday liquor sales

04/27/23  -  The Post and Courier

Religious Liberty Returns to the Supreme Court

04/24/23  -  Ordinary Times

Legal Docket: Undue hardship and Sabbath rest

04/24/23  -  World

USPS worker takes religious rights case to Supreme Court after forced to work Sundays

04/21/23  -  NBC Montana

Still Closed on Sundays

04/20/23  -  WJLE

Justice minister turns to Supreme Court to prevent shops evading Poland’s Sunday trading ban

04/19/23  -  Notes From Poland

Supreme Court hears arguments over Christians' right not to work on Sunday

04/19/23  -  The Boston Pilot

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Sabbath: Mail Delivery Debate Goes to Supreme Court

04/18/23  -  Christianity Today

Who bears the burden, and how much, when religious employees refuse Sabbath work?

04/18/23  -  KPBS

Supreme Court may require employers to be more accommodating of religion

04/18/23  -  WBAL

Can You Legally Buy a Car on Sunday in Michigan?

04/17/23  -  WGRD

Remembering the Sabbath … in Court

04/13/23  -  Word and Way

The Post Office fired me for honoring the Lord's Day. Supreme Court must make this right

04/13/23  -  Fox News

Supreme Court showdown over Sabbath could change workplaces across US

04/13/23  -  ABC News

Supreme Court considers how far employers should go for religious accommodation

04/13/23  -  ABA Journal

I’m surprised why the ban on Sunday sales keeps opening, says the boss of Martinus

04/04/23  -  Breaking Latest News


03/16/23  -  Sojourners

West End and Knightsbridge challenge Sunday trading laws

03/13/23  -  Drapers

Jewish groups defend Christian postal worker at center of Supreme Court sabbath case

03/08/23  -  Christian Post

Supremes weigh sabbath work accommodations

03/08/23  -  The Jewish Star

Here’s Why You Can’t Buy A New Car In Colorado On Sundays

03/08/23  -  Kool 107.9

Portugese Catholics fight to bring back the “work-free Sunday”

03/06/23  -  Christian Network Europe

ADL, AJC join Orthodox groups in Supreme Court case on supporting religious protections in the workplace

03/02/23  -  Jewish Telegraph Agency

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: Should Employers be Mandated to Provide Sundays Off?

03/02/23  -  KTSA

How My Wife and I Took Back Our Sundays

02/26/23  -  The Atlantic

How far must employers go to accommodate workers' time off for worship? The Supreme Court will weigh in

02/20/23  -  News Press Now

Supreme Court Set to Consider Religious Accommodations

02/17/23  -  JD Supra

Letter: Thy will be done in keeping the Sabbath

02/17/23  -  Hometown Source

DAY OF REST Britain’s most remote music festival to end on Saturday so islanders can do nothing on Sunday

02/04/23  -  The Scottish Sun

SCOTUS will hear case of ex-USPS worker denied Sundays off

01/18/23  -  HR Dive

Supreme Court will hear former postal employee’s appeal that he shouldn’t have to work on Sundays because he’s a Christian

01/18/23  -  Baptist News Global

Supreme Court takes up religious liberty dispute over postal delivery on Sundays

01/13/23  -  The Washington Times