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2022 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Finding time for a Sabbath

05/02/22  -  The Echo

Walmart spearheads push for Sunday alcohol sales

05/02/22  -  Axios

Maine’s New Right to Food Amendment Could End Sunday Hunting Ban

05/02/22  -  Field and Stream

Why Does Chick-fil-A Close on Sunday? Religious Roots Explained

05/01/22  -  Distractify

To watch a film, but never on a Sunday?

04/30/22  -  Stuff

Why Your 'Digital Shabbat' Will Fail

04/15/22  -  Wired

The reason large supermarkets including Aldi and Tesco close on Easter Sunday but open on Good Friday

04/14/22  -  Chronicle Live

Take a regular day of rest

04/12/22  -  Smart Brief

Virginia Legalizes Sunday Hunting On Public Land Starting In July

04/12/22  -  Wide Open Spaces

Massachusetts Court Rules that Day Spa Workers Are Not Entitled to Sunday Premium Pay

04/05/22  -  Fisher Phillips

Bookies' Sunday opening marks a complete transformation of social chang

03/29/22  -  The Irish News

Kyiv mayor cancels Sunday curfew

03/26/22  -  Hindustan Times

Car-free Sundays

03/18/22  -  France 24

The ‘Great Resignation’ and the spirituality of work

03/16/22  -  America: The Jesuit Review

David Jeffrey: I’d prefer to avoid Sunday games – worship is my priority

03/11/22  -  News Letter

Rest for health’s sake

03/06/22  -  The Jamaica Gleaner

Standing for the Sabbath: Oakwood Adventist forfeit game for religious observance

02/19/22  -  Yellow Hammer

Plug-In: No nostalgia – some pandemic-weary souls want to reclaim Sunday as day of rest

02/14/22  -  Get Religion

Kerala govt lifts Sunday lockdown; schools, colleges to operate till evening

02/08/22  -  India Today

Supermarkets rebrand as bus stations and book clubs to evade Sunday trading ban

02/07/22  -  Notes From Poland

Why not a Super Bowl SATURDAY?

02/07/22  -  Deseret News

Amazon Primes a Sunday Work Dilemma

02/04/22  -  Christianity Today

Need A Sabbath Accommodation? The Government Might Be Tracking You.

02/04/22  -  CBN News

Inquiry passes the buck on Mount Isa Sunday trading

01/31/22  -  The Northwest Star

No Sunday shutdown: Crowds swarm fish & meat markets again

01/31/22  -  The New Indian Express

One day every week. Do nothing.

01/25/22  -  Green Sabbath Project

A Concept in Common: Are Sunday Blue Laws Making a Comeback?

01/24/22  -  ReligiousLiberty.TV

Clydebank Town Hall to re-open for six month trial but Sunday opening still uncertain

01/24/22  -  Glasgow Live

Poland closes loophole allowing shops to evade Sunday trade ban by offering postal services

01/24/22  -  Notes From Poland

Businesses open on Sundays again; proof of vaccination in department stores starting Monday

01/23/22  -  CTV News

Buffalo History Museum closing on Sundays

01/22/22  -  Niagara Frontier Publications

Sunday continues to be lockdown in TN following Covid spread

01/21/22  -  Update News 360

Covid-19 alert: Tamil Nadu to continue with complete lockdown on Sundays

01/21/22  -  Hindustan Times

Amid record Covid-19 surge in Kerala, lockdown-like curbs on next two Sundays.

01/20/22  -  Hindustan Times

Some Notes of Caution about Reviving Blue Laws

01/18/22  -  National Review

Could Sabbath closure laws make a comeback?

01/11/22  -  Deseret News

The Post-Liberals’ Fight For The Weekend

01/11/22  -  The American Conservative

Americans need a break. Maybe blue laws can help.

01/10/22  -  The Week