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In effort to lift restrictions, council repeals bylaw that allowed for Sunday shopping in Sackville

05/15/24  -  CHMA

What to Expect on Sundays in Norway

04/30/24  -  Life in Norway

Supreme Court’s Historic Decision In Religious Freedom Case

04/28/24  -  State of the Union

Why Is Honoring the Sabbath the Most Ignored Commandment?

04/26/24  -  Relevant Magazine

City councilman kickstarts effort to repeal blue law

04/25/24  -  Hillsdale Collegian

Letter: Let’s restrict Sunday online trad­ing not just bricks and mor­tar

04/22/24  -  Financial Times

Taking a Sabbath: How Students Prioritize Rest

04/21/24  -  Pepperdine Graphic

Shop Robots In Germany To Get Rest Days On Sundays Just Like Humans

04/18/24  -  India Times

High Springs City Commission moves forward with Sunday alcohol sales by special permit

04/16/24  -  Alachua Chronicle

Romford Market traders hit out after Sunday closure

04/13/24  -  Romford Recorder

Can a Christian Community Close the Beach on Sunday Mornings?

04/12/24  -  The New York Times

Sunday hunting proposal again pits Pennsylvania hunters against hikers, bikers and horseback riders

04/09/24  -  Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Germany wants its robots to be good Christians, take Sundays off from work

04/08/24  -  Firstpost

WJAR agrees to pay workers time and a half on Sundays

04/08/24  -  Boston Globe

Shake Shack offers free chicken sandwiches on Sundays in an apparent jab at Chick-fil-A

04/08/24  -  Christian Post

Christian Sunday trading ban applies to self-checkouts too, judges rule

04/05/24  -  Yahoo News

A German law protecting Sundays is forcing a supermarket chain to close even its robotic shops. But experts aren’t sure that’s sustainable

04/05/24  -  Yahoo News

Does legalising Sunday alcohol sales benefit stores?

04/02/24  -  The Drinks Business


04/01/24  -  WCCS Radio

Maine's top court rules Sunday hunting can remain banned

03/28/24  -  WMTW 8

Easter 2024: Manipur Govt Declares Sunday As Working Day

03/28/24  -  Mena FN

PRCH: More trading Sundays would increase GDP

03/26/24  -  Warsaw Business Journal

Sunday sales did not harm nor help liquor, grocery stores

03/25/24  -

Breakpoint: Remember the Sabbath … to stop global warming?

03/23/24  -  Chattanooga Times Free Press

Embracing European Sundays: A Time For Rest, Relaxation, And Reset

03/13/24  -  Her Campus

Oslo Leaders Push for Wider Sunday Trading

02/29/24  -  Life in Norway

Oslo City Council will seek permission from the State Administrator to allow shops to open on Sundays.

02/28/24  -  The Local

Asda Announces Easter Sunday Closure Across 855 Stores, Adheres to Trading Laws

02/27/24  -  BNN

Remember the Sabbath … to Stop Global Warming?

02/26/24  -  Breakpoint

Havering Council row over Romford Sunday market axe

02/18/24  -  This Is Local London

Jesus and the Law

02/17/24  -  The Sampson Independent

Remember when every Sunday was ‘Family Day’?

02/15/24  -  The BC Catholic

South Carolina House approves Sunday liquor sales, potentially lifting another religious restriction

02/15/24  -  The Washington Post

Should SC allow Sunday liquor sales? House passes bill to let voters decide

02/15/24  -  WIS 10

Playing chicken with the Lord’s Day

02/14/24  -  World

South Carolina House Approves Bill for Sunday Liquor Sales: A Shift in Traditional Values and Blue Laws

02/14/24  -  Medriva

Division Among Poles on Reinstating Sunday Shopping: A Shift in Perspective

02/12/24  -  BNN

Why Sunday is a holiday, Who started it?

02/05/24  -  Ground Report

Striving for Sacred Rest

02/04/24  -  CBN

SC lawmakers step closer to legalizing home delivery, Sunday alcohol sales

02/04/24  -  WSOC-TV

The God Squad: How do you keep the Sabbath?

02/02/24  -  New Haven Register

A new documentary makes a case for reviving the Sabbath

02/02/24  -  U.S. Catholic

Greenhous Group becomes latest car dealer to end Sunday trading as bosses aim to look after staff

02/01/24  -  Car Dealer Magazine

Sabbath Is Not a Luxury Good

01/30/24  -  Christianity Today

Why dancing on Sundays used to be banned in Fort Smith

01/28/24  -  KNWA

Eco-Sabbath: How To Cut Emissions By Doing Nothing

01/25/24  -

Changes to Sunday shopping bylaw under consideration in Woodstock, N.B.

01/21/24  -  Saltwire

North-East motor dealer to close on Sundays to give staff better work-life balance

01/17/24  -  Yahoo News

11 States That Still Restrict Sunday Hunting

01/17/24  -  All Outdoor

NY State Assembly Set For High Stakes Battle of Sunday Chicken With Chick-fil-A

01/16/24  -  Total Food Service

Sunday Trading Laws Explained

01/15/24  -  Local 8 Now

Overview: Germany closes an unmanned shop on Sunday; how pious is Europe?

01/13/24  -  Christian Network Europe

New York’s Foolish Attempt to Force Chick-fil-A to Open on Sunday

01/04/24  -  Daily Citizen