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2017 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Toy Shop Owner Plans To Shut On Christmas Eve - And Lose Millions
12/18/17  -  LAD Bible
Pope Francis stresses importance of Sunday Mass for rest and renewal
12/16/17  -  Christian Daily
Poland defends 'Sabbath' with shopping ban
12/01/17  -
Minister seeks to explain Sunday closing letter to shop
11/16/17  -  BBC News
Petitioners gain hundreds of signatures against North Dakota's Blue Laws
09/02/17  -
Polish bishops for total ban on Sunday shopping
08/23/17  -  BBC News
Sandy’s Donuts Opens on Sunday for the First Time
08/20/17  -
MN liquor store may face just three-day suspension for selling on Sunday
05/18/17  -  WDAY 6
How Forgetting The Sabbath Is Ruining Your Calling
04/25/17  -  Christian Post
Bill to relax N.D.'s blue law fails in Senate
03/14/17  -
Catholic Church Wants to Ban Working on Sunday
03/01/17  -  Total Croatia News
Minnesota Senate Passes Sunday Sales Bill
02/27/17  -  Alpha News
County administrator issues apology to local retailer over Sunday liquor sale inquiry
02/22/17  -  The Garden City Telegram
Blue law is antiquated, says state legislator
02/10/17  -  The Herald
Blue Law Future Looking Blue
02/06/17  -  The Spectrum
Sunday Blue Law One Step Closer to Being a Thing of the Past
02/01/17  -  KVRR Local News
North Dakota House votes to repeal blue law for Sunday opening
01/31/17  -  The Dickinson Press
Legislators should approve ‘blue law’ changes
01/28/17  -  Williston Herald
The Sabbath and the President
01/20/17  -  Adventist Review