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2012 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Vatican works to stop Sunday shopping in Italy
12/19/12  -  Religion News Service
Central Pennsylvania deer hunters divided on blue law
11/24/12  -  The Sentinel
Christians rediscovering wisdom of Sabbath
11/13/12  -
Highland voters to decide if businesses can open on Sunday
10/23/12  -  The Salt Lake Tribune
Sunday trading: Give us a break!
09/29/12  -  Christianity Today
Council drops proposal to ban events at parks on Sunday
09/25/12  -
Proposed 'Sundays Off' Plan Crawls Ahead
09/20/12  -  Israel National News
No Sunday shopping: Dutch vote spawns some offbeat ideas
09/07/12  -  My Sinchew
Is the EU About to Enforce Sunday Worship in Greece?
09/06/12  -  The Trumpet
Eurozone demands six-day work week for Greece
09/04/12  -  The Guardian
Catholic Church urging followers to rest, pray with family on Sundays
09/02/12  -
Liquor sales on Sunday not a boon, owners say
08/14/12  -  Appen Newspapers
Organizers ready 2,100 signatures to stop Sunday sales
08/06/12  -  Daily Herald
Court ruling on 'Sabbath' seen as 'huge problem'
08/01/12  -  NJJN
The magnificent blessings of sabbath-keeping
07/26/12  -
Hard liquor sales now allowed on Sunday mornings
07/20/12  -
Store Owners: After 2 Months, Sunday Sales Fall Flat
07/16/12  -
More bars could open Sundays under bill awaiting Nixon's signature
06/16/12  -
Commission ends Sunday alcohol ban
06/14/12  -  Sun Sentinel
The Seventh Day - Part 2
06/12/12  -  SabbathTruth
Consulting Firm discriminates against Sabbath keeping employee
06/11/12  -
Sunday morning alcohol sale ban is history
06/09/12  -
Recalling Meeting of Families, Pope stresses need for Sabbath rest
06/06/12  -  Catholic Culture
Conn. gov signs bill allowing Sunday alcohol sales
05/15/12  -  Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Pope Benedict: Sunday a day of rest and for families
05/14/12  -  YouTube
Sunday Blue Law Enforcement in Brooklyn
05/03/12  -  The Brooklyn Paper
Trade unionists campaign against Sunday trading
05/03/12  -
Sunday designated as day of rest in tornado-ravaged Harveyville
03/04/12  -  KCTV 5
02/23/12  -  European Sunday Alliance