Sabbath Truth - Sunrise over Mountains
The Seventh Day Video Series

The Seventh Day Part 2

Part two is broken into 10 sections. 1. Religion in Rome - A summary view of Roman religions during the time of Jesus.  2. The Jewish Sabbath - Strict Sabbathkeeping marked the Jews as unique.  3. The Sabbath Reformer - The Bible protrays Jesus as a revolutionary Sabbathkeeper.  4. Prophecy - Jesus predicted that His followers would be still be keeping the Sabbath at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  5. Christians and Jews - The two groups shared a view of a personal God and of the weekly Sabbath, but Christians found new meaning in the holy day.  6. The Christian Sabbath - Clear evidence for Christian observance of the seventh-day Sabbath in the first century AD.  7. Sundaykeepers - Second-century Christians in Alexandria and Rome begin observing the first day of the week instead of the Sabbath.  8. The Day of the Sun - Roman sun worship and its link to Christian Sunday observance.  9. Sunday Law - Emperor Constantine legalizes Sunday as the weekly day of rest in the Roman Empire.  10. The Sabbath Survives - Proof of seventh-day (Saturday) Sabbath observance into the middle of the fourth century.
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