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2016 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Retailers observe day of rest

11/25/16  -

EU bishops back Pillar of Social Rights, call for recognition of Sunday rest

11/23/16  -

No more Sabbath classes for nursing students in Bangladesh

11/13/16  -  Adventist News Network

Love Working? Here's Why Taking Time to Rest Is Important – and Should be Non-Negotiable

11/06/16  -  Christian Today

Colorado regulators urge lawmakers to scrap the ban on Sunday car sales, but auto dealers say no way

10/17/16  -  9 News

More than half a million signatures in support of Polish draft law on limitation of commerce on Sundays

09/05/16  -  UNI Europa

Why Texas Doesn’t Allow Car Sales Every Day Of The Week

09/05/16  -  Houston Public Media

Judge Refuses to Work on Sabbath in Kenya

09/01/16  -  Adventist Review

Blue laws won’t hold Amazon back in Mass.

08/16/16  -  Boston Globe

The Sabbath Effect

07/11/16  -  The Daily Courier

In India, Court Refuses to Reschedule Sabbath Exams

06/16/16  -  Adventist Review

Bar, restaurant owners cheer dropping of Sunday blue laws

06/14/16  -  Buffalo Business First

NY ‘brunch bill’ would allow Sunday morning liquor sales in restaurants, bars

06/13/16  -  Daily Freeman

Attorneys see relaxing NYS 'blue law' as a lift for business

06/08/16  -  Buffalo Law Journal

Unplugging on the Sabbath: How to rest in a post-religion era

05/09/16  -  The New York Post

Billy Graham: Use the Sabbath as intended — to get closer to God

05/08/16  -  The Kansas City Star

59 Percent of Millennials Say Sunday Is Religiously Insignificant; Only 22 Percent Attend Church, Study Finds

05/03/16  -  Christian Post

European Sunday Alliance says Sunday work is a danger to our health and safety

05/03/16  -  The Parliament

Alcohol sales on Sunday morning? State considers lifting archaic 'blue laws'

04/13/16  -

Hungary’s parliament repeals Sunday store closure law, as Fidesz offers righteous indignation

04/12/16  -  Hungarian Free Press

Orbán government in tactical retreat — Hungary’s stores permitted to open on Sundays

04/11/16  -  Hungarian Free Press

A slow fade-out for the Sunday pay premium

03/22/16  -  CBS News

How Sunday stopped being special for the American worker

03/17/16  -  The Washington Post

Sunday trading defeat for government as MPs reject changes

03/09/16  -  BBC

Church leaders unite against new Sunday trading law

02/27/16  -  The Telegraph

No more ‘Blue Law’

02/25/16  -  The Cullman Times

Unger sues Cole to stop state Senate from meeting Sunday

02/25/16  -  West Virginia Record

Swiss Churches Defend Sunday

02/23/16  -  La Vie

Relax Sunday trading laws to help shops, MPs say

02/21/16  -  BBC

Nevada Democratic Caucuses Set For Saturday Overlook Sabbath Observers

02/19/16  -  International Business Times

North Memorial punished nurse applicant who wanted Sabbath off

02/19/16  -  Star Tribune

Sunday trading: Why it's back on the agenda, and why it shouldn't be

02/08/16  -  Christian Today

Local residents petition Walmart about Sunday hours

02/02/16  -  Rexburg Standard Journal

Government to push Sunday trading plans again

01/13/16  -  Christian Concern

Sabbath: Why keeping a day of rest is an act of revolution

01/13/16  -  Christian Today

Shops defy Sunday opening ban, 350 booked by police islandwide

01/03/16  -  Cyprus Mail