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2019 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

DOJ Urges High Court to Hear Religious Accommodation Case
12/10/19  -  Bloomberg Law
Lower House passes the 'Sunday' Public Holiday (Amendment) Bill 2019
10/30/19  -  The Daily Observer
Wardens fine over new Sunday parking rules in Glasgow
07/07/19  -  Evening Times
The Supreme Court should stand up for man fired by Walgreens for honoring Sabbath
07/05/19  -  Washington Examiner
Justices Seek Government View on Religious Accommodation at Work
03/18/19  -  Bloomberg Law
It’s a holiday to unplug your phone Friday
03/01/19  -  Vox
Will the Supreme Court Finally Protect the Right Not to Work on the Sabbath?
02/26/19  -  Tablet Mag
Bringing back the Sabbath
02/14/19  -  Thousand Oaks Acorn
Korea’s Supreme Court Gives Historic Legal Victory to Adventist Student
02/14/19  -  Adventist Review
The science of Sabbath: How people are rediscovering rest—and claiming its benefits
01/25/19  -  Religion News Service
Chick-fil-A won’t make an exception for Super Bowl Sunday
01/24/19  -  Atlanta Journal Constitution
House passes repealing blue law
01/22/19  -  News-Monitor
Jury awards $21 million to hotel dishwasher after she was forced to work on Sundays
01/17/19  -  The Gazette