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2018 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Open on Sunday? Churchgoers share views ...

12/04/18  -  Baptist Press

How do we practice Sabbath-keeping?

10/23/18  -  The Presbyterian Outlook

Why we need “blue laws,” the religious tradition that sanctifies life outside of work

10/02/18  -  Vox

Boy tries to prove pastor wrong about Sabbath

09/24/18  -  Adventist News Network

Let’s bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against the always-on economy

09/14/18  -  Fast Company

New Italian government plans to curb Sunday shopping

09/09/18  -  Yahoo News

Pope relaxes rules about sport on Sabbath

06/05/18  -  The Times

Sabbath Agony - US State Department Report Highlights Job Challenges For Saturday Churchgoers

04/02/18  -  The Gleaner

Golfers vow to fight Stornoway golf club’s Sunday ban

02/28/18  -  The Times

Blue law petitioners move focus to legislation

01/31/18  -  Bismark Tribune

A Modest Proposal for a Day of Rest

01/29/18  -  CEO World Magazine

Philippines Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Sabbath-Keeper

01/20/18  -  Adventist Review

Wine and liquor sales on Sunday? Tennessee lawmakers are trying to make it happen

01/11/18  -  The Tennessean

Senate GOP makes repeal of Sunday booze sales ban a priority

01/09/18  -  South Bend Tribune

Cinema on Lewis to open on the 'Sabbath' for the first time

01/09/18  -  The Press and Journal

Liquor store operator notices change since Sunday sales became legal in Shreveport

01/07/18  -

Texplainer: Why Can't I Buy a Car or Liquor on Sundays?

01/02/18  -  Central Texas News Now