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2014 Sabbath and Sunday News Items

Tel Aviv supermarkets can remain open on the Sabbath
11/12/14  -  JTA
Sabbath or Die? Church Planters Discuss the Importance of Godly Rest
10/29/14  -  Christian Post
Runner's Religious Beliefs Keep Her from State Title Hunt
10/27/14  -  Runner's World
Taking back Sunday
10/24/14  -  The Gazette Virginian
Does the Sabbath still exist on the isle of Lewis?
10/23/14  -  BBC News
U.S.T.A. Faces Suit Over Sabbath Schedule
09/19/14  -  The New York Times
Dunkin' Donuts refuses to hire Sabbath-keeper
09/17/14  -
Are You Dying to Rest?
09/03/14  -  Amazing Facts
Give It a (Sabbath) Rest
08/25/14  -
Sunday Shopping: Mandatory Store-Closing Laws Made Some People Blue
08/13/14  -  Americans United
Tel Aviv to allow some businesses to open on Shabbat
08/11/14  -  JTA
Portugal grants two Adventists Workplace Freedom on Saturdays
08/08/14  -  APD
Sabbath is on Saturday
07/29/14  -  Weekly News Journal
Retail chief unimpressed by results of Sunday opening
07/21/14  -
Map: Over a dozen states ban car sales on Sunday
07/19/14  -
Greek shopkeepers stage strike on first day of Sunday trading
07/13/14  -  The Guardian
Pope Promotes Sunday
07/10/14  -  Amazing Facts
Pope: No One Should Work on Sunday
07/08/14  -  The Trumpet
Restaurant owner slams Greenville Co. Council over issue of Sunday alcohol sales
07/08/14  -  Fox Carolina
Pope Francis advocates no-work Sundays
07/07/14  -  YouTube
Sabbath Compromise
07/03/14  -
Israeli Justice Minister pushes for Sunday as a 'free day' alongside Sabbath
06/30/14  -  Arutz Sheva
Citing Sunday law, judge tosses $42 million award
06/20/14  -  CJN
Blue Laws
06/08/14  -  The Ledger
7-day work week straining families
06/07/14  -  Brisbane Times
Taking back Sunday
06/05/14  -  The Age
GSA poll results: Repeal blue laws
06/05/14  -  GSA Business
Going viral! The 4th commandment
05/21/14  -  World Net Daily
Sabbath Debate with Jim Staley & Chris Rosebrough
05/14/14  -  YouTube
AOG Congregation Switches to Seventh Day Sabbath
05/12/14  -  Florida Today
Amazon drops day of rest to deliver in Philadelphia on Sundays
05/12/14  -  Philadelphia Business Journal
Commissioners split on bringing Sunday sales of liquor to a public vote
05/05/14  -  McAlester News-Capital
California woman claims she was fired for keeping Sabbath
04/21/14  -  News 10 ABC
24/7: The case for a day of rest in a digital age
04/20/14  -  Lincoln Journal
Sabbath showdown in televised debate
04/20/14  -  World Net Daily
Call to invoke heaven's blessing on the nation through Sabbath-keeping
04/20/14  -  Deseret News
Teamsters pressure could block Sunday growler sales
04/14/14  -  Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
‘Never on Sunday’: Greece riots over shop openings end with tear gas, clashes
04/13/14  -
Tel Aviv allowing some stores to open on the Sabbath
03/28/14  -  Jewish Journal
How do we know from the Bible which day of the week is the Sabbath?
03/24/14  -  Amazing Facts
Chris Thompson: It's time we get back to observing the Sabbath
03/21/14  -  Anchorage Daily News
Senator wants to leave Sunday sales ‘in the hands of the people themselves’
03/17/14  -  The Wetumpka Herald
Calvin College weighs opening library on Sundays
03/05/14  -
Seven Facts About the Seventh Day
03/05/14  -  Sabbath Truth
Sabbath observant employee receives $27k payout for religious discrimination
03/04/14  -
Meat worker sacked for refusing to work on Sabbath
02/27/14  -  The New Zealand Herald
Remember the Sabbath Day
02/27/14  -  Waseca County News
Court: Non-Jews in Israel must choose a set day of rest from workplace
02/26/14  -  The Jerusalem Post
IFA should fight Uefa Sunday game decision, says former footballer
02/24/14  -  BBC News
New Sabbath protection enacted in Britain
02/18/14  -
In Europe, Adventists call on Sunday Alliance not to discriminate
02/11/14  -  Adventist News Network