Sabbath Truth - Sunrise over Mountains
The Seventh Day Video Series

The Seventh Day Part 1

Part one is broken into 10 sections. 1. Origins - Views of human beginnings from Babylonian and Aztec myths as well as from the Bible and the Koran.  2. The Evolution Explanation - Darwin's theory of evolution challenges traditional view of origins.  3. Beyond Chance - A case against blind chance as a logical explanation of human origins.  4. Intelligent Designer - The Bible's portrayal of Creation and the Creator.  5. The Architecture of Time - The week and the Sabbath in the structure of human life.  6. Point of Contact - The weekly Sabbath in man's relationship with God.  7. A Day for All Mankind - The universal and perpetual purpose for the weekly day of rest.  8. Unholy Sabbath - National disaster strikes the "chosen people" due, in part, to their neglect of the Sabbath.  9. Sabbath Around the World - Somehow the concept of Sabbath extended into the culture and language of many peoples.  10. Reform - Revival of Sabbath observance among the Jews who returned from exile results in heroism and tragedy.