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The Sabbath Since Christ

The Sabbath Since Christ

The Sabbath was introduced to our world at the end of the Creation week. God then reminded His people to keep it holy at Mount Saini. Their knowledge and consistent practice of the Sabbath has helped to preserve it before the world ever since that time. Yet many have still lost sight of the significance of the seventh-day Sabbath at the close of earth’s history. Some even claim that Sabbathkeepers are a new sect of Christianity, only recently introduced in the past 150 years or so.

However, a careful historical analysis presents a different picture of Sabbath keeping since the time of Christ.

First Century — Jesus demonstrated in His own life the importance of Sabbathkeeping. His apostles followed His example and continued to worship on the Sabbath throughout the first century. The great historian Josephus declared that Sabbathkeepers could be found in every country of the world at the end of the first century.

Fifth Century — Socrates noted that Christians in most places observed both the seventh-day Sabbath and the first day of the week, Sunday. During this period, the bishop of Rome ordered Christians to fast on the true Sabbath.

Tenth Century — Years of councils and decrees had attempted to change the worship of Sabbath to the first day of the week. However, believers in Scotland, the Waldenses in Italy, and the church in Kurdistan (present-day Iraq) continued to keep the seventh-day Sabbath. Christians in Ethiopia and India also remained loyal to God’s holy day.

Fifteenth Century — Hundreds of years of persecution had almost destroyed God’s Sabbathkeeping people, but throughout Europe, a revival took place. It reached Russia and even Mongolia with the light of the Sabbath truth.

Twentieth Century — The light of God’s Word continued to spread throughout the world, bringing the Sabbath truth to believers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Despite persecution, the truth grew from many small lights to a larger light in the 1800s, as some Sabbathkeepers organized as Seventh-day Adventists, a movement that has members in nearly every country of the world.

In modern times, all the major Protestant organizations have acknowledged that the seventh-day Sabbath is still the Sabbath of Scripture. The Sabbath has been preserved by God’s people since the time of Christ. Today, Sabbathkeepers are returning to this ancient heritage found in the Holy Scriptures. You can learn out more about the history of the Sabbath by clicking here.