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The Grand Canyon and Freedom

The Grand Canyon and Freedom
Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling, a Christian, is the plaintiff in a recent lawsuit filed against the U.S. Department of Interior and the National Park Service (NPS) over the denial of a research permit for work at the Grand Canyon. Dr. Snelling was hoping to collect samples from a rock formation near the floor of the Canyon that bent rather than shattered, strong evidence that it was formed under the water of a worldwide flood.

According to the lawsuit, NPS denied the permit because Dr. Snelling is a Christian scientist and his work might contradict the scientific story told by the Park. It required excessive documentation, including peer reviews of the planned research. In the end, the permit was denied because of alleged adherence to a prescribed set of Christian beliefs that are in conflict with secular society and its conclusions. The case is addressing the issue of religious freedom and the right for opposing views to be researched in public places.

Religious freedom has recently become a common theme in media circles as the American president has highlighted the issue on several occasions. The beauty of the American system has been the ability for each person to hold his own beliefs without government interference. In this case, a government agency is blocking a Christian from seeking evidence for his worldview.

The Bible identifies God’s law as the law of liberty (James 1:25). However, as our society moves away from following God’s law, it will diminish and even deny the right to think as an individual. While God seeks to give us life and liberty, Satan’s goal for us is death and destruction (Romans 6:23).

Revelation predicts that at the end of time God’s faithful people will be punished for obeying God’s law, especially the Sabbath (Revelation 14:9–12; Revelation 13:11-17; 14:12). As time progresses, we are seeing a slow erosion of our liberties. Click here to check out this great resource to share with your friends more about God’s plan to give us perfect liberty regardless of the constraints of our society.