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The Sabbath Significance

The Sabbath Significance
In a Deseret News poll on religious rest and Sabbath day activities, the importance of the Sabbath to Americans has dropped significantly. In a 1978 Gallup poll, 74 percent of Americans indicated that Sabbath (Saturday or Sunday, depending on the respondent) had special religious or spiritual meaning for them. The recent poll shows that only 50 percent of Americans feel that way today. [1]
The lack of interest in the Sabbath is highest among Millennials (born between 1982 and 2002). Just 41 percent of them think of Sabbath as having religious meaning to them, “compared to 51% of Generation X, and 56% of Baby Boomers.” Millennials are also the least likely to attend church (22 percent), and 18 percent of them typically work on Sundays.
An enlightening discovery in the survey of 1,500 respondents is that 54 percent “agree that public and private organizations should try to accommodate individuals who want to observe a day of rest according to their personal religious traditions, even when it is inconvenient for the organization to do so.” Americans still believe in religious liberty, even if they don’t practice Sabbath keeping themselves.
While the Sabbath is often presented as applying only to a single group of people in history, the Lord clearly intended this day of rest to be practiced by all humanity. It was established in Eden, concluding Creation, before the birth of Judaism (see Genesis 2:1–3). It was repeated at Mount Sinai in the Ten Commandments, a law that given to the Hebrews in written form for the purpose of being a light to the entire world. And it will be practiced by all the saved for eternity (see Isaiah 66:23).
The Bible predicts that someday the religious freedom to worship according to the dictates of one’s own conscience will be challenged (see Revelation 13:11–18). In the cosmic war between good and evil, the enemy of humanity will seek to enforce Sunday worship, a day established by tradition in the place of God’s true rest day. Until that time, let us freely study the Scriptures and discover the importance God attaches to the seventh day.
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