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Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar
Becoming a lawyer is never easy, and Joice Manurung certainly had an up-and-down journey. But in 2003, when a new law in Indonesia gave the task of administering bar exams to a new government agency, all tests were scheduled only on the Sabbath—and Joice knew she would be facing the biggest obstacle she had ever faced in her goal to become a lawyer.

Joice decided to step back from her legal career to get married and start a family. But in 2008, she once more took concrete steps to pursue her goal—but bar exams on the Sabbath always stopped her in her tracks. She attempted to connect with other Sabbath-keepers who wanted to take the bar exam on a different day, but it fizzled out.

Then in 2011, another Sabbath-keeper contacted Joice with a similar problem—she was being required to take the bar exam as part of her job. Both unwilling to defy the fourth commandment, they contacted a local Sabbath-keeping organization for assistance. Over the next four years, repeated attempts were made to petition for an exception—and soon Sabbath-keepers wanting to take the bar exam on a different started to grow. They prayed earnestly for God to open a door.

Finally, after Joice had worked for nine years to become a lawyer, she saw a miraculous breakthrough. Read what happened here!

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