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Above Human Law

Above Human Law
A foreign university student in Russia faced incredible pressures to attend classes on Sabbath, but she had a higher calling …

Kapalasa enrolled in medicine at a university in Russia. She’s from Zambia and was warned by friends that her faith in God would be tested. During her second month of classes, one of her class sessions was held on the seventh-day Sabbath—God’s holy day. When she asked the teacher for permission to skip the class, he flatly refused. She skipped the class anyway.

The next Monday she was called into the dean’s office and handed a letter of warning. She continued missing Sabbath classes, and the dean kept calling her back to his office. Kapalasa had friends who encouraged her to skip church and go to classes, but she refused. Even her parents felt it was best to not lose her scholarship. “God will understand,” many said. Kasempa felt alone, but she continued to pray and follow God's call on her life.

When she discovered she could transfer to another university in Russia where her classes would not be held on Saturdays, she transferred. She felt the situation would surely improve ...

But it didn’t. It got worse … read the rest of Kapalasa’s amazing story and how God blessed her by clicking here.
Bowing to Babylon
Watch this special presentation on the importance of honoring God’s day of rest.
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