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What can I do on the Sabbath?

Caller: I’m wondering about the Sabbath Day, and what should I do during the Sabbath? I mean, just complete rest or can I do a purchase or something, like buying food?

Pastor Doug: Well, Jesus is our example and the Bible says that Jesus, you know, He healed people, He taught people you may go visit people, encourage people. Jesus spent time in nature on the Sabbath. The Bible does say, in Nehemiah, that it’s not a day for our regular buying and selling, you know, the idea is to get that stuff out of the way so that you’re not involved in merchandising or trying to go through the hectic Christmas shopping on the Sabbath day. But Jesus said the Sabbath is a day for doing good. Better to do good than evil. I’ve just finished a tape series on how to keep the Sabbath, a videotape series. I didn’t tell you that, did I, Pastor Dick?

Co-Host: No.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I think we just finished editing that and if you go to Amazing Facts you can order that series, it’s on How to Keep the Sabbath. A lot of people ask that question. I think you’ll get a blessing out of it.

Caller: Alright. Thank you so much.