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Is it a sin to not work on the first day of the week?

Caller: If it’s a sin to work on the Sabbath, wouldn’t that be a sin also not to work on the first day? I think it, you know, would be kind of hard to work on the first day unintelligible this day and age. If you work more than 40 hours a week then you get overtime and –

Pastor Doug: Well let me give you a Bible definition. You know I don’t mind people’s short questions. What I worry about is Manuel is my long answers ?

Caller: I didn’t really give you a chance to answer.

Pastor Doug: That’s ok. The Bible says sin is the transgression of the Law. There’s no law that tells us not to work on the first day and so obviously, it’s not a sin. See what I’m saying?

Caller: We’re not commanded to?

Pastor Doug: There’s no commandment in the Bible to honor or worship on the first day. A lot of lovely people do it – and you can worship God every day of the week – but there is nowhere in the Bible the first day is called the Sabbath.

Caller: My thing is, you know, if I’m required to work on that day. That’s my question basically.

Pastor Doug: If you’re required to work on the first day?

Caller: Yeah – if it’s not a sin.

Pastor Doug: Well it’s certainly not a sin, because like I said, there’s no Bible injunction.

Caller: But if I don’t work, am I under condemnation?

Pastor Doug: No, No. If you decide to take off two days because you need a day for the family, that doesn’t mean it’s a sin either. It’s just not a Bible issue is what I’m saying.

Caller: It’s the way businesses operate you understand where they give you two days off and….

Pastor Doug: Yeah. You know, we have a lesson that deals with that a little bit. If you’d like it, we’d be happy to send it to you for free.

Caller: All right – could you give me the name of it because I probably already have it.

Pastor Doug: Well it’s called “Things Are Not As They Appear”.

Caller: If it’s one of the study guides, I have them all. I have all 27 of them.

Pastor Doug: Yes. You have them all? Ah then if you read those, you’ll be smarter than me, ok?

Caller: All right.

Pastor Doug: Ok.

Caller: God bless.

Pastor Doug: God bless you.

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