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Can you explain the New Moon's and Sabbath?

Caller: I was reading Isaiah 66 – I guess around [chapters] 22 and 23

Pastor Doug: Ok

Caller: …that um, ‘it shall come to pass, from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me.”

Pastor Doug: Yes we just quoted that a minute ago that’s right.

Caller: All right. And I understand we’re going to be keeping the Sabbaths in the new heavens, but it also mentions the new moons.

Pastor Doug: Ok

Caller: Now, are these new moons the same as they were given to the nation of Israel?

Pastor Doug: Yes and no. Now this is a theory I have. First of all, there is no question of what God is saying here, is that from one week to another and one month to another, we will all come and worship before the Lord. Their weeks were divided by the Sabbath their months were divided by the new moons. Now listen very carefully, I believe that the seasons of the world were altered by the flood. I think our earth went through a catastrophic upheaval during the flood. We did not have the seasons we have. I think the earth tilted on its axis, which is what gives us our seasons. It may be that the month and the new earth will have 28 days, and if that’s the case, what that means is every new moon will also be a Sabbath.

Caller: I know we’re going to keep it but you say God is the same then, now and forevermore so we should keep it now as well as in the future, right?

Pastor Doug: Well I think that God is not telling us anywhere in the Ten Commandments that we need to keep the new moons. The new moons were separate from the Sabbath Commandment in the Bible.

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