Sabbath History


Denominational Statements on the Sabbath

Denominational statements on the Sabbath


"Probably very few Christians are aware of the fact that what they call the 'Christian Sabbath' (Sunday) is of pagan origin."

"The first observance of Sunday- that history records is in the fourth century', when


issued an edict (not requiring its religious observance, but simply abstinence from work) reading, 'let all the judges and people of the town rest and all the various trades be suspended on the venerable day of the sun.' At the time of the issue of this edict, Constantine was a sun-worshipper; therefore it could have had no relation whatever to Christianity." - ­HENRY M. TABER. "Faith or Fact" (preface by Robert G. Ingersoll), page 112.

"I challenge any priest or minister of the Christian religion to show me the slightest authority for the religious observance of Sunday. And, if such cannot be shown by them, why is it that they are constantly preaching about Sunday as a

holy day

? ...The claim that


takes the place of Saturday, and that because the Jews were supposed to be commanded to keep the seventh day of the week holy, therefore

the first day of the week

should be so kept by Christians, is so utterly absurd as to be hardly worth considering....That Paul habitually observed and preached on the seventh day of the week, is shown in Acts 18:4-'And be reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath' (Saturday)."-Id., pages ,114, 116.
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