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Sabbath and Cereal

Sabbath and Cereal
A recent court appeal was made on behalf of two employees who are seeking religious accommodation from Kellogg USA, Inc. for their Sabbathkeeping practices. In 2011, Kellogg, known for their product line of breakfast cereals, changed their work schedule and required all employees to work half of the Saturdays each year. While Mr. Tabura and Ms. Diaz attempted to seek accommodation for their religious practice, they were fired.

Last year, a court in Utah ruled in favor of Kellogg’s claim that they did provide an equal opportunity for their employees to find accommodation. However, the case has now been taken to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver. A decision is expected in the next three months.

Interestingly, Kellogg was started by Sabbathkeepers who were looking for ways to help people be healthier. It appears the company has now completely detached themselves from these roots.

While this situation might be disappointing, it is not unexpected. When we choose to accept God’s rule as sovereign in our lives, it can place us at odds with a world that chooses not to follow Him. Throughout Scripture we see that those who follow God will suffer persecution in this life for doing so (1 Timothy 3:12).

But we have hope in persecution. In Daniel, we read the story of the three young men who were willing to give up their lives rather than worship an image (Daniel 3). Their dedication to God and His law was honored by the presence of Christ in their fiery trial. For us today, this story brings hope and encouragement—that even though we might face challenges in our efforts to serve Jesus, He is with us in the midst of these trials.

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