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Soccer and the Sabbath

Soccer and the Sabbath

A popular, up-and-coming 30-year-old goalkeeper has announced to Brazil’s sporting world that he will no longer be playing matches from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown in honor of the biblical Sabbath. The move has created quite a stir in his country, where soccer is wildly popular. Some fans have been sympathetic, but others were shocked and have even expressed outright anger.

Recently named player of the year, Carlos Vítor da Costa Ressurreição was even offered a job in a higher-level championship soccer league that would have doubled his salary, but he turned it down. Why? Because the new career opportunity meant playing games on Friday night and during the day on Saturday, meaning it would be impossible for him to keep the Sabbath as outlined in the fourth commandment.

Carlos’ mother-in-law had told him about the Sabbath years before, but it was only a year ago that he became convinced that he needed to study the Bible and keep the Sabbath holy. As a result, his contract with his current team will soon expire and will not be renewed.

Still, undeterred, Carlos has started a Bible study with his teammates. When a reporter recently pressed him on the rationale behind his decision, the player affirmed. “Without any doubt, I choose my faith.” Carlos’ commitment is an inspiration to all Sabbath-keepers.

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