Sabbath Truth - Sunrise over Mountains
The Seventh Day Video Series

The Seventh Day Part 4

Part four is broken into 8 sections. 1. Russian Reformation - This Sabbathkeeping movement reached the highest levels of Russian society and led to fiery executions in Moscow's Red Square.  2. Sabbath vs. Sunday in Ethiopia - Jesuit missionaries succeeded in converting the Emperor to Roman Catholicism, but attempts to quash Sabbath observance resulted in civil war.  3. Inquisition - Civil and religious authorities united to root out "heresy."  4. Purging the Church in Spain - Ferdinand and Isabella, the "Catholic Monarchs," used the Spanish Inquisition to rid their church of Jewish heresies.  5. Portugal Exports the Inquisition - Inquisitors carried their campaign of religious persecution into the new territories of Portugal's expanding empire.  6. Authority: Sola Scriptura? - Protestant Reformers insisted on the authority of the sacred Scriptures, while Catholic leaders defended their church's stand on Tradition.  7. Anabaptists - Persecuted by Protestants and Catholics alike, these radical reformers stood for strict adherence to biblical teachings. Among them were new champions of the Sabbath.  8. The Seventh-day Men - While many Puritan preachers insisted on strict observance of Sunday, other prominent Englishmen called for a return to the Sabbath of the Ten Commandments.
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