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This collection features audio sermons from our archives plus questions taken from our popular Bible Answers Live radio program, hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor, that deal with the Sabbath. Learn how the Sabbath day was given as a gift to mankind at creation, and its relevance for us today.

Baptized Paganism

The Big Lie

Can you explain the New Moon's and Sabbath?

Do angels or other worlds keep the Sabbath?

Does Romans 14:5 refer to the weekly Sabbath?

Elaborate on Galatians 4:9-10 and how it relates to Sabbath observance

God's Special Day
No transcript available

History's Greatest Hoax
No transcript available

How do we know from the Bible which day of the week is the Sabbath?

How do you know when the Sabbath starts and ends?

I'm confused about the Sabbath, can you help?

Is it a sin to not work on the first day of the week?

Is Sabbath keeping necessary for salvation?

Is the 7th day Sabbath a ceremonial feast day listed in Leviticus?

Should Christians observe the Sabbath like the Orthodox Jews do?

Was God's law and the Sabbath changed?

What can I do on the Sabbath?

What day is the Seventh day?

What day was the Pentecost?

What type of work is allowed on the Sabbath?

Why do Christians attend church on Sunday?

Why doesn't Paul command Sabbath observance?

Will I be saved if I don't keep the Sabbath?
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