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Do angels or other worlds keep the Sabbath?

Do angels or other worlds keep the Sabbath?
Caller: My question is: Since the Sabbath was initiated at Creation, do you think that the Angels or other created worlds would have a Sabbath, or would they not need one since the Sabbath was made for man?

Pastor Doug: Well let's think about that for a minute. The Bible does say - now I'm thinking out loud okay - Isaiah chapter 66 says that from one new moon to another and one Sabbath shall all flesh come to worship before Him. Now that may mean all those on planet earth but I suspect that if the purpose of the Sabbath is to spend quality time with God, the Lord may have similar times when He gathers and others in other worlds meet with Him. I don't know if it's the same day and they'll come from other galaxies or if there's a different day but the Bible's not clear on that so all I can do is speculate Gary.

Caller: Ok. I was just wondering. I didn't know if there was any kind of Bible references. I was just kind of wanting to get your opinion on it.

Pastor Doug: Well the Sabbath that we know was made on the 7th day on the creation of our world. After God created six days, then He made the Sabbath for this world. So whether other worlds will join us in the New Earth, I don't know. Hey wait - a Scripture came into my mind, 'There was a day when the Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord' - and that's in Job chapter 1 - so maybe there is a day when They come. Don't know if it's once a month, every new moon, or once a year, but there may be other Heavenly meetings because during that Heavenly meeting it says that they're not on earth. God said to the devil, 'where did you come from?' and he said, 'I came from the earth'. So there's some Heavenly meeting on a day when They meet. I don't know what day it is. Something to think about though huh?

Caller: Yup well we'll find out soon.

Co-Host: Amen!

Pastor Doug: Yup that's my plan. God bless!
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