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Are pagan practices creeping into Christian churches today? This study looks at the story of Nimrod and the early history of paganism and sun worship.

If the Ten Commandments are still valid, why is the fourth commandment disregarded by many Christians? Discover the truth about the real Sabbath!

According to Isaiah 66, New Moons and Sabbaths will be observed in the new earth. What does it mean to observe a New Moon? Should we be doing it now?

In the new earth, "all flesh" will come to worship God on Sabbath. Does this include angels and the “sons of God” mentioned in the book of Job?

There’s a huge difference between the eternal Ten Commandments and the temporary ceremonial laws that pointed forward to Christ’s sacrifice. Learn more!

The ceremonial “shadow” laws were nailed to the cross of Christ; the requirement to keep them has ended. But what about the Ten Commandments?

God set the Sabbath aside as holy at the end of Creation Week. But what day is the Lord’s Day, and does it have any relevance for us now?

The Sabbath is a weekly celebration of our loving Creator. Against God’s will, mankind has attempted to change His holy day from Saturday to Sunday. Discover more!

The seven-day weekly cycle has remained constant throughout history, is a strong argument for the Bible, and helps us determine the true Sabbath. Find out why!

God has given us clear divisions of time, including our 24-hour days, so keeping the Sabbath, even in Alaska or at the poles, is a solvable problem. See how!

Though we are under grace, freed from the penalty of the Law, we still need to keep God’s Ten Commandments, including the Sabbath commandment. Discover why!

The first day of the week has no special significance anywhere in the Bible, and it is not a sin to work, or not work, on that day. Learn more about this subject!

Many people who broke commandments will be in heaven because they didn’t understand God’s will. Once we grasp the truth, however, we need to do what’s right. Right?

Leviticus lists two types of Sabbaths, a weekly Sabbath established at Creation, and yearly Sabbaths, or feast days, which were kept by the Jews.

We don’t need to accept man-made rules added to Sabbath observance, but Bible principles do apply, and we should prepare for the Sabbath. Discover why!

Though we’re under grace, we’re obligated to keep the Ten Commandments out of love for God. Shouldn’t we base our beliefs on the Bible and not tradition?

The Sabbath is not a time for buying and selling. See how you can follow the example of Jesus, fully enjoy the Sabbath, and be a blessing to others on this special day!

Although the seventh day comes at different times in different parts of the world, it is consistent for each person where they live. Get answers!

The Pentecost took place on Sunday. The disciples began their work of spreading the gospel on Pentecost, a customary workday at that time. Does it have meaning today?

On Sabbath, we should set our regular work aside and spend quality time with God. Works of ministry and emergency services are necessary good works. Learn more!

It’s clear the Christian church began to gradually compromise and adopt pagan customs such as worshiping on Sunday. Find out more!

The fact that the New Testament is silent on the subject of the Sabbath is the loudest argument that the seventh-day Sabbath is still valid. Learn why!

It depends on your understanding—but once you understand truth, you need to honor it. The Sabbath commandment has never been changed. Discover more!

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