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Baptized paganism shows the mixture of truth and error. Sun worship begins in Genesis with the story of Nimrod and is spoken of in Ezekiel. The message of Elijah is to restore the truth of God.

A popular teaching among many churches is to quote the Ten Commandments to encourage people not to sin, but yet take one of those commandments and do away with it--the fourth commandment. The Sabbath is one of God's commandments and is found in the New Testament.

Isaiah 66 tells us from one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to one another we will come worship before the Lord. Could you explain the "New Moon" part of this text? The seasons of the world were altered by the flood, so it may be the month in the new earth is 28 days. The New Moons were separate from the Ten Commandments so we do not need to keep them today.

Do angels and people from other worlds worship God on the Sabbath? The book of Isaiah speaks of "all flesh" coming to worship God on Sabbath. Job refers to a heavenly meeting on a certain day. The Bible doesn't really share exactly how this will happen.

Does Romans 14:5 refer to the weekly Sabbath? Paul is clearly addressing the ceremonial laws and holidays to the Romans. These are Jewish holy days that were shadows pointing forward to Christ who came.

Elaborate on Galatians 4:9-10 and how it relates to Sabbath observance. When Christ came He nailed to the cross the ceremonial laws, not the ten commandments. The Jewish converts told the Gentiles they needed to keep the ceremonial shadows.

Indeed God has a special day. The question is ... what day is it and does it have any relevance for us now?

Indeed God has a special day. The question is ... what day is it and does it have any relevance for us now?

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How do we know from the Bible which day of the week is the Sabbath? You won't find the terms "Saturday" or "Sunday" in the Bible. Jesus rested died on Preparation Day Friday, rested in the tomb on the Sabbath Saturday, and rose the first day Sunday.

How do you know when the Sabbath starts and ends? It is difficult in remote places like the North and South Poles or on the Space Shuttle. For the vast majority of the planet there is not a problem. People will choose, like in Alaska, a 24-hour division of time.

I'm confused about the Sabbath, can you help? We are not under the penalty of the law, but under grace, but that does not mean we no longer keep God's law.

Is it a sin to not work on the first day of the week? There is no law that we are to work or not work on the first day. Its not a sin because there is no Bible injunction on this.

Is Sabbath keeping necessary for salvation? God will hold us to what we know. If we understand that Saturday is God's Sabbath, we ought to obey. If we sin willfully when we have a knowledge of God's commandments, that is a problem.

Is the 7th day Sabbath a ceremonial feast day listed in Leviticus? This passage mentions two different types of Sabbaths, the weekly Sabbath which preceded the time of Moses and the ceremonial Sabbaths which came later.

Should Christians observe the Sabbath like the Orthodox Jews do? The principles of keeping the Sabbath should still be kept. The laws for Sabbath in the wilderness travel were modified when they settled in the land. We should do what we can to complete unnecessary work so that Sabbath will be a delight.

Was God's law and the Sabbath changed? We need to follow Solomon's advice that not everything that "seems" right leads in the right way. We need to base our convictions on the clear teaching of the Bible, not traditions or feelings.

What can I do on the Sabbath? Jesus is our example. Nehemiah tells us it is not a day for buying and selling. But Christ visited people, healed people, a day for doing good.

What day is the Seventh day? No matter where you are in the world, the seventh day is consistent. When God created the world, the seventh day would have been that time in the Garden of Eden. God blessed a specific seventh day, not just any seventh day.

What day was the Pentecost? Sunday. There were seven weeks after the Passover. The day after that would be a work day, Sunday, the first day of the work. Nothing commands us to keep this day holy in the Bible.

What type of work is allowed on the Sabbath? Let's use Jesus as an example. He healed on the Sabbath, but He didn't build things as a carpenter. So, works of ministry and emergency services in sustaining life is good. We need to lay aside our regular work so we can focus on quality time with God.

Why do Christians attend church on Sunday? Over a period of time during the Dark Ages, there was a slow change and compromise that took place in the church that combined the worship of the sun with a day of worship for Christians. There was a desire to push away from Jews and reach the pagans.

Why doesn't Paul command Sabbath observance? Acts 15 was addressing specific issues. To argue that not all the commandments were not mentioned would condone stealing, lying, murdering, or coveting. Actually, the silence of the New Testament on the supposed change of the Sabbath to Sunday is the loudest argument that it is still intact.

Will I be saved if I don't keep the Sabbath? The only commandment that says "Remember" is the Sabbath. We are saved by grace, but that does not mean we should not keep the commandments. If we continue to sin after we receive the knowledge of the truth, that is different than being ignorant.

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