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Arguments Refuted
Arguments Refuted

If the early Christians kept the Sabbath, why did they break bread on the first day of the week? (Acts 20:7)

The supposed force of this inquiry must lie in the assumption that to break bread on the first day of the week was sufficient to show that

the Sabbath

had been changed from the seventh to the

first day of the week

. But this is pure assumption, having no scriptural basis.

But since, weak and void of proof as it is, it is the strongest support that can be raked up for

observing the first day

, we will take time to expose the fallacy, just as though the event were really an important one instead of the mere breaking of bread without any suggestion that it was a celebration of the

Lord's Supper

or in any way an established procedure.

In the first place we wonder if the writer of the tract realized that the meeting in question was not on what is now known as Sunday at all, but was at the time we now speak of as Saturday night, or Saturday evening!

According to

the Bible

method of reckoning time, each day began at sundown. (Leviticus 23:32; Mark 1:32) Hence the evening of the

first day

was the evening preceding the first day, and not the evening following the first day, which was part of the second day. The meeting was therefore on the evening after the Sabbath, now known as Saturday evening. And to make matters worse for those who try to see in this some evidence that Paul was then keeping the first day, the record plainly reads that Paul was then planning to travel the next day! This he would not have done at all if their supposition were correct that he was then a Sunday observer!

Should the writer insist upon our using in this single particular instance the Roman reckoning of time, in order to help out in his impossible quest for evidence for

Sunday keeping

, he will then get into still deeper difficulties, for the principal feature of the meeting, the breaking of bread, took place after midnight and hence on Monday, and Monday would be the day he should observe if he prefers to follow such flimsy inferences! After all there is nothing in

the Scriptures

to show that the celebration of the Lord's Supper was confined to any particular day of the week.

- Hard Nuts Cracked, H.M.S. Richards, pg. 6
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